A 3D animation and visualization or illustration can improve the experience and understanding of your product - or demonstrate your idea or your complex R&D vision for a concept with a visual story telling that will make it more clear and easy for your audience to understand where you want to go!

It is a well-known fact that a visual demonstrating how a certain medical device or medicine is functioning, will add to the commercial success of the device or drug.


Showing how the device or drug is going to be used by the patient or health care provider,

will increase the likelihood of a successful treatment outcome and a satisfied customer.

Interviews with Key Opinion Leaders and clients around the world have supported

this repeatedly.


Configuration tools, interactive presentations, gamification and e-learning for PC/MAC,

iPads, and more.

Interactive Tools & Apps




All our solutions can be supplied ready to use on


 Social media, website, Cinema/TV advertising, online video and no matter what, it is always

in HD quality up to 4K.

Claus Villadsen

Corporate Product Manager at Ambu A/S


I have had the pleasure to cooperate with MediaMedic on a project originally scoped to deliver a single 3D animation for a recently launched medtech device. Throughout the process of scoping and developing the animation, MediaMedic was responsive and flexible. The sparring was competent and the outcome was highly satisfactory, and on time. Within the budgetary confinements, I feel that Ambu got great value for money.

The animation has been highly appraised, and I would definitely choose MediaMedic again.

Mikael P Jespersen

Online Marketing & Product Manager at Vigmed AB


MediaMedic has developed several 3D product animations for me.

All animations where medical devices and included a mix of product presentation and animations of the usage. The animations were all made before the final product existed focused at web usage. The production was made according to agreement - and was good value for money.

Jesper Touborg Lund

Global Patient Solutions Manager, Psoriasis at LEO Pharma A/S


I have worked with Kim and his team at MediaMedic on several project and have always been impressed by the quality delivered at the agreed time. Kim furthermore has a great ability to understand my needs for a specific project and bring in his IT knowledge in order to end up with a great result. Often Kim and his team has worked under great time pressure but always created great results. I can highly recommend Kim and his team for your next creative illustration/ animation or app development.

Jean-Pierre Sesboué

Global Product Manager at Novo Nordisk A/S


Strongly advise to work with MediaMedic for the following reasons:

- They have always met my expectations when they were given challenging assignments.

  • They are able to deliver high quality outcomes within short timeframe
  • They are creative, innovative and able to think out of the box
  • They are professional and deliver on time
  • They provide a wide range of services such as: film interviewing KOL's and patients around the world, building up 3D visuals of new molecules, creating mode of action movies, flash animations, websites, movies etc.

Marianne Tvedskov

Global Brand Manager at Lundbeck A/S


I have worked with Kim and his agency MediaMedic on a number of different animation/film projects from internal e-learning competence programs to mode of action videos on various medical products etc. Kim is an excellent Project Manager, creative and innovative; and him and his team have always been very dedicated, flexible and deliver a very professional result at a high quality.

Rikke Toft

Global Product Manager at Coloplast A/S


In the work with doing a 3D animation film on our product I found MediaMedic working dedicated and timely on the production and translation of the movie. MediaMedic was always keeping the deadlines and has taken further tasks to finalize a local translation within a short deadline.

Henrik Bastius Kristensen

Program Manager at Alfa Laval A/S


Working with Kim is a wonderful and professional experience. During more than a year, he has been producing 3D animations of decanter centrifuges for our different applications, and now we have taken next step into Virtual Reality. In that period our relationship has grown from typical supplier-client to a partnership in the sense, that Kim is now working very independent on our project based on limited and sometimes scattered input.

We are a large matrix based company and it is not easy to get all project people together in the same time. Kim easily overcomes that and he works very independent, efficient and always delivers quality on time.

He keeps deadlines, give suggestions and all in all, he does much more than you can expect. So if you look for an agile and flexible supplier of these services, you have come to the right person.


Carsten Bob Rodsten

CEO at Urologik A/S


MediaMedic has several times developed 3D product animations for me.

All were medical devices and included a mix of product presentation and animations of the usage.

The films were all made before the final product existed.

As a seasoned animator for the medtech industry, the Mediamedic Guys only needs a script of the speak, some basic drawings and a rough guideline in order to create a very proffesional movie.

He has a good eye for the details in composition, in light and colour, and the flow of video in general.

With a 3D medical animation we can fly around a virtual human body. As viewers, we can travel with red blood cells along arteries to explore cardiovascular concerns, or down the airways and into the lungs to illustrate respiratory ​issues also at molecule level.


ECD & Founder at MediaMedic®, Kim Carstens


We are a niche company located in Køge, Denmark.



Our services include professional Visual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), 2D/3D animations, visualizations, advanced fluid dynamic and solids transportation animations, mode-of-actions,

e-learning and Interactive apps.


Depending on your specific needs, we create adhoc teams of experts and specialists that are able to meet your special requirements.


This ensures that you will work with a local supplier without missing out the global input but with the advantages of proximity, cost effectiveness, face to face meetings when needed.


Within our field we are proud to have gained the position as a

top-of-the-range supplier resulting in the role as preferred partner

to a broad portfolio of multinational as well as national companies.


What is Virtual Reality?

• Virtual Reality (VR) is a user interface, immersing a person in a digital 3D environment.



• Customers can experience the features & benefits in a virtual environment

• Computer-generated imagery and content simulates a real presence through sight,

    hearing and touch

• Training & competence development

• Possibility to disassemble a real size of your product in its various components

• A “mobile virtual product”

























Want to be more inspired and meet for an informal talk about your Virtual Reality options?

- then please contact Kim Carstens at kca@mediamedic.agency


We  have a HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality showroom here at MediaMedic, Køge - Denmark.

Can offer to come to your company and showing Virtual Reality.

(We take our own VR equipment with us)





Virtual Reality in business

Bettina Metzler

Manager, New Business Biomaterials at Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S


I had the pleasure of working with MediaMedic and Kim on a project that involved a new product; Certa Catheter™, a novel concept for performing continuous peripheral nerve blocks under ultrasound guidance.

MediaMedic quickly understood the clinical area and the clinical context which was an enormous benefit in developing educational tools. This translated into an understanding of the needs of the users. MediaMedic delivered high quality animations which were orchestrated very well into educational movies.

MediaMedic delivered on time, was available 24/7, listened to feedback and provided guidance and adjusted whenever it was needed based upon feedback. I had confidence in MediaMedic all throughout the process.

I am happy to say that the result is beautiful!

You are always welcome to contact us for further information

a talk over the phone, or to schedule a personal meeting.


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